Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Record 2 room to visit a new generation of IDC

As a server application where the highest concentration of, IDC certainly is a high-end technology and standardized management in one, precisely because of the strict management of this closed-end, making many friends from the IDC room there is always a sense of awe and curiosity; many , we judge the strength of an IDC and its various aspects for the server protection his room will be more important than heavy construction, so this time we brought one specially for everyone Record IDC room visits, the way in which interspersed are some professional IDC room on the infrastructure requirements, we select the IDC in the future may wish to use this as a reference.

This is the first time, the network press tour documentary in the way of the full room coverage IDC also hope that the IDC report on the room want to know a friend help.

Body: Basically, to deal with the server would have to talk about IDC, as the host, leasing, server hosting and many other core business center, IDC in the development of the Internet played a very important role: IDC on network resources and Web Hosting , the server implementation of the centralized, professional management, to provide 24 脳 7 professional services. This determines the IDC to fully take advantage of market shortage of professional human resources and network resources, reduce duplication and reduce the corporate, government departments and other users to access the cost, and You help enterprises from ordinary Dianziyoujian Yong Hu, Wangyefabu other general applications turn Internet E-commerce and other mission-critical applications, helping carriers enhance the traditional age of the Internet's management. IDC's appearance can be said for the Internet infrastructure to provide a structured opportunity for change.

As the importance of the server and security, common people difficult to access such important occasions, with very few experience the data center hosting, maintenance of the user, the majority of users and personal "data center" is full of curiosity, to satisfy everyone curiosity, but also to make more friends in all aspects of the IDC rooms have a general understanding, so that we in the choice of hosting and leasing business with some help and guidance, we specifically with the most powerful business in South China IDC operators - a new generation of data centers in Guangzhou relevant persons, in the end, accompanied by experts under the guidance of seeing how a new generation of one and two rooms, is about the room and visit the following detailed report:

Guangzhou, a new generation of IDC from the outside, the building and other modern office buildings do not have much difference, is a very typical modern business office. Building is located in the downtown area of Guangzhou, transport facilities, extending in all directions. The data center room in the second floor and third floor of the building.

We have a new generation of professionals to lead down to the room where the second floor of the building, an elevator, first thing in the eyes of the main customers of the data center and main partners LOGO (logo), we looked at the distribution of these customers industry very wide network of companies involved, well-known institutions, news media and the clothing department stores and other fields, I believe many of the top brands we all familiar with, this should be the IDC data centers in a beautiful landscape it.


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